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Guest Message by DevFuse

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Refresh your OEM Suspension (with torque settings) – JZX90/100/110, IS200/300/Altezza, JZS171

jzx100 jzx90 jzx110 sxe10 suspension bushes ball joints control arms

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Posted 20 June 2016 - 10:12 PM


***DISCLAIMERThe following works have been performed on an JZX100, and as far as my research has told me the other models listed in the title have very similar componentry. HOWEVER I will not be held liable if you go and buy parts and get stuck into it only to find they don’t fit! Do the research specific to YOUR vehicle first and use this as a guide ONLY if its on anything other than a 100***


If you are like me and want a comfortable streeter and don’t need aggressive camber or infinite adjustment, you may consider refurbing your factory suspension components! A couple of benefits of going down this route are:

-          Cost saving as compared to purchasing brand new OEM or aftermarket upper/lower arms (with new rubber bushes pre-pressed)

-          Being able to upgrade to superior Urethane based bushes


At this stage there is no walk through guide for the rear end as I haven't completed it myself yet, however I have managed to compile a complete list of components required below in this first post.


Thankfully the front end is near identical in layout and components (with the exception of lengths of some arms) to the SXE10 Chassis (Altezza, IS200/300) which has allowed me to compile this guide and could potentially get you out of a tight spot if you end up damaging parts.


Here is a list of the parts and options available depending on how much you want to spend/how firm you want everything to be;




Upper Control Arm

Inner Bush (x4):

-          Toyota Part #: N/A (part of 48610-29115 assembly only)

-          Febest OEM equivalent:  TAB-065

-          SuperPro Urethane equivalent:  SPF4384K

-          HardRace equivalent: HD-7220


Ball Joint (x2):

-          Toyota Part #: N/A (part of 58610-29115 assembly only)

-          Febest OEM equivalent: 0120-065


Lower control Arm #1

Inner Bush (x2):

-          Toyota Part #: 48654-22050

-          Febest OEM equivalent: TAB-100

-          SuperPro Urethane equivalent: SPF3039K

-          HardRace equivalent: HD-7222


Lower Ball joint Assembly (x2)

-          Toyota Part #: 43330-59105 (RH) 43340-59105 (LH)


Castor Rod / Radius Arm / Lower Control Arm #2

Bushing (x2):

-          Toyota Part #: 48670-22150 (arm assembly LH) 48660-22150 (arm assembly RH)

-          Febest OEM Equivalent:  TAB-090

-          SuperPro Urethane equivalent: SPF3040K

-          HardRace equivalent: HD-7223


Sway Bar Link

-          Toyota Part #: 48820-22041 x2

-          Febest OEM equivalent: 0123-820 x2


Steering Rack

Inner Tie Rod/Rack End (x2):

-          Toyota Part No. for assembly: 45503-29485

Outer Tie Rod (x2):

-          Toyota Part No. for assembly: 45046-29285

Rack mount Bushes:

-          Toyota Part No: Grommet no.1 45516-30020 x2, Grommet no.2 45517-51010

-          Febest OEM equivalent: TAB-468 x2 (Grommet no.1 only)

-          SuperPro Urethane equivalent: SPF2699K




Upper Control Arm

Inner Bush (x4)

-          Toyota Part #: N/A, part of assembly only. 48770-22050 (RH), 48790-22050 (LH)

-          Febest OEM equivalent: TAB-UPM x4 

-          HardRace equivalent: HD-6847

Ball Joint

-          Toyota Part #: N/A, part of assembly only. 48770-22050 (RH), 48790-22050 (LH)

-          Febest OEM equivalent: 0120-777 x2


Lower Control Arm/No.2 Suspension Arm

-          Toyota Part #: N/A, part of 48730-30070 assembly only

-          Febest OEM equivalent: TAB-730 x2

-          HardRace equivalent: HD-7221


Carrier Sub-Assembly

Toyota Part # for assembly: 42304-30040 (RH), 42305-30040 (LH)

-          LCA to Carrier Bush: TAB-168Z/TAB-168RUB  x2 (Febest OEM equivalent)

-          Track Rod to Carrier Bush: TAB-OR x2 (Febest OEM equivalent)

-          HardRace kit (includes both parts listed above in the one kit): HD-7227


Track/Strut Rod


-          Toyota Part #: N/A, part of 48780-22050 assembly only 

-          Febest OEM equivalent: TAB-221 x2

-          HardRace equivalent: HD-7225


Tie Rod

-          Toyota part # for assembly: 48710-22300 x2

-          Febest OEM equivalent: 0125-110R x2

-          HardRace equivalent (inner bush only): HD-7224


Sway Bar Link

-          Toyota Part #: 48830-22041 x2

-          Febest OEM equivalent: 0123-GX110R x2


Where to Buy?


North Shore Toyota is a stockist of both the SuperPro and HardRace range of products, as well as Genuine Toyota of course. Fantastic option if you want to bundle a large order together and potentially save on shipping costs. For current pricing please email Nick Chiew @ nick@nst.co.nz


Febest and most SuperPro items can also be purchased through ebay.com.au


*All SuperPro and HardRace items are kits with everything included*

SuperPro Website (also lists offset bushes if you are so inclined)

Febest Website

Edited by 1JZ-100, 15 October 2016 - 09:37 PM.

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  #2 1JZ-100



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Posted 20 June 2016 - 10:19 PM


Tools required

-          Breaker bar

-          Torque Wrench

-          Wratchet with 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 22mm sockets on hand

-          Ball joint separator

-          BIG hammer

-          Bull nose + long nose pliers

-          RP7/WD40

-          Loctite anti-seize

-          Access to a hydraulic press

-          Jack stands/hoist

-          Shed space


Time required

– Allow a weekend, starting as early as possible in case you find you need to get to parts shops for any last minute requirements



First things first, get front of the car onto jack stands and pull the wheels off in a location where you are happy to leave for a few days in case things don’t go to plan. Or if you are so lucky, throw it on a hoist!


Next up, unbolt the brake callipers and prop them up with a box or something as to not put stress on the lines, alternatively clamp the lines and disconnect the callipers completely bearing in mind you’ll need to do a minor brake bleed to allow for any fluid lost/air introduced into the system. Then you will be able to remove the rotors.


Before you loosen anything off, take photos of how the lower control arm camber adjustment bolt is positioned on the sub-frame, and where how far down the inner tie rod the outer tie rod end is wound, so when you get it all back together you can get it in roughly the same position (enough to get it down to an alignment shop to get properly straightened up)


Loosen firstly, the ball joints and tie rod ends on each side. Remove the split pins, spray a bunch of penetrating fluid on there and then you should be able to loosen the nuts off. From there, take the nut off and flip it over and place back onto the end of the joints so you can persuade them out potentially (depending how seized they are) The best method for this is a ball joint separator of some description, a couple of ball ended hammers and a lot of cursing. See the link to ball joint replacement below for a better idea of what works best (can be translated to any of the joints) Trust me when I say this is much easier to do while everything is still assembled.


Once this is complete, to make things easy start by loosening all remaining bolts on all the arms in preparation to start removing components.


Rather than repeating what has already been documented well elsewhere, I've collected the best guides for each component I could find and listed them all here to make things easier.




Component specific guides;

Lower ball joint knuckle assembly: http://us.lexusowner...wer-ball-joint/

Lower Control Arm #1: http://my.is/forums/...a-is300-426377/

Caster Arm/Radius Arm/LCA #2: http://figsengineeri...caster-arm.html

Rack/Tie rod ends: http://www.jzx100.co...d-installation/

Upper Control Arm (you will need to remove your coilovers/struts before attempting this if you havn’t already):http://www.jzx100.co...nt-camber-arms/


Once you have removed all arms, you can then get the old bushes pressed out and new ones fitted in their place. A few notes on difficulties that I encountered;


-          Upper and Lower control arm inner bushes needed to be drilled as they have multiple metal sleeves encased in rubber. Once you have drilled around the centre carefully (as to not score the bore of the arms themselves) it will make it possible to press the remainder of the bush out

-          Upper arms are a bit awkward to remove bushes from due to the way they are mounted, be careful not to bend them when they are under pressure

-          To replace steering rack mount bushes, all you need to do is loosen the 4 bolts holding the rack onto the sub frame (easy to see and access from underneath) move the rack away to pull the old bushes out and insert the new ones. Not really a problem, but being theres no “guide” to it per se






Then its basically a matter of reversing the entire process with the new and refreshed components on hand. Please make note of the following list of torque settings for each component to ensure you don’t leave anything looser than it should be/over tighten and strip thread: 

Edited by 1JZ-100, 29 August 2016 - 07:58 PM.

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Posted 20 June 2016 - 10:24 PM


Torque Settings (Front Suspension)




It does list the rear axle however I would take that with a grain of salt on anything other than an IS200




Please feel free to leave any feedback and ask any questions you aren't sure of below, I will endevour to get back to you as soon as I can 


Thanks for reading :)

Attached Files

Edited by 1JZ-100, 20 June 2016 - 10:38 PM.

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Posted 21 June 2016 - 09:34 AM


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  #5 TRD JZX100



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Garage View Garage

Posted 21 June 2016 - 10:06 AM

What a nice pre-emptive writeup ;)  I've been planning on doing my bushes and this is perfect.


Thank you


:champion:  :jumpgirl:

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  #6 Neilgero



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Garage View Garage

Posted 21 June 2016 - 02:36 PM

What a nice pre-emptive writeup ;)  I've been planning on doing my bushes and this is perfect.


Thank you


:champion:  :jumpgirl:


Need a 'hand' servicing your 'bush'?

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  #7 scotch



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Posted 03 November 2016 - 10:14 PM

Wow. Thank you very much.

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  #8 scotch



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Posted 23 March 2017 - 01:04 AM

does this fit on my jzx? 30mm swaybar bushings for altezza/is200/is300. that is the only thing i did not found. i am sourcing the parts right now for the overhaul of the front suspension. does anybody know the oem swaybar diameter? part would be this from superpro:

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