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Engine Bay Fuse Block

p2 (17) jzx100 fuse1

1. Interior light 15A DOME
2. Head lamp (left) high-beam 15A HEAD (LH)
3. Door lock 20A DOORSUB
4. Radio, wide multi AV station 25A RADIO NO.1
5. Head lamp (left) low beam 15A HEAD (LH)
6. Horn 10A HORN
7. EFI computer 20A EFI
8. EFI computer 20A AM2
9. Emergency flashing lights 15A HAZARD
10. Alternator sensing 7.5A ALT SENCING
11. Head lamp (right) high-beam 15A HEAD (RH)
12. Head lamp (right) low beam 15A HEAD (RH)
13. Electric fan 30A FAN NO.2
14. Electric fan 30A FAN NO.1

Drivers Foot-well Fuse Block

JZX100 Brake Components

Pads & Rotors
rear rotors

The front brakes on the JZX100 are 100% IDENTICAL to that of the IS300, this means that Calipers, Rotors, and Pads which fit the IS300 will also fit the JZX100.

General Maintenance

1JZ-GTE Maintenance

Below you can find the main part numbers and fluid quantities required to maintain your JZX.

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