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Common Replacement Parts

1JZ-GTE Replacement Parts


We will continue to add and update this list to help JZX owners easily find the parts they need to keep their JZX running in tip top condition.

Fuel Filter: Ryco Part# Z373
Gasket Turbine Outlet: 17279-88410 (gasket that goes between dump and back out the turbo)
Front Wheel Studs: NS312 (from Repco)
Panel Air Filter: OEM 17801-46060K&N 33-2054
O2 sensor: 89465- 80015
Timing Belt (OEM): 13568-49065
Oil Pump Assembly: 15100-46030
Crank Position Sensor: 90919-05023
Air Box Assembly: 17700-46290
Air Box – Cold Air Assembly/scoop: 17751-46080 + 17751-46081
Ignition Coil Assembly: 90919-02216
Alternator Assembly: 27060-46160 + 27060-46301
Starter Motor (0.8kw): 28100-46130
Starter Motor (1.4kw): 28100-46140
Heater tap (Valve Assy, Water): 87240-22370


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